Colombia, a Leap Forward Into the Future

A dynamic environment with customizable options, have given Colombia the 29th position as a preferred destination for corporate tourism in a list of 109.

Colombia has become a favorable location for corporate events, conventions and conferences, as it is also one of the most interesting places for investment. This is due to the recent economical stability and the fast paced growth of certain sectors such as tourism. Furthermore, Colombia’s diversity gives a wide range of choices when it comes to traveling for business.

We have 5 big cities and 4 mid-sized cities where world conferences, events and seminars can comfortably be held. Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena are some of the most chosen destinies due to their multiple facilities and touristic development.

A great example is the latest Summit of the Americas, which took place in Cartagena in 2012; a midpoint between Chile and Canada, Peru and Mexico, just to name a few. Its historical richness was an inspiring yet practical setting for such an event.

The best Facilities

Additionally, Colombia has spectacular sites for conventions and events; from restored palaces that date back to colonial times to modern architectural buildings, there is a wide range of venues to choose from. Multiple exhibition areas, theaters, boardrooms and convention centers, with capacities up to 7.500 people, are available to hold effective corporate events and meetings.

Hotel infrastructure is also very good in Colombia, especially in big cities. Not only you’ll find multinational hotel chains such as Sheraton, Holiday Inn or the Marriot but you will also enjoy excellent Colombian hotels such as Hoteles Estelar and bh (business hotels), especially designed for business people.

Moreover, there are boutique hotels in case you or your clients need special treatment. These five stars hotels offer a very welcoming and pleasant stay with several facilities such as meeting rooms, international food restaurants, fitness centers and spas to provide some leisure time whenever it is needed.

Our People and Culture

If there’s one thing we are proud of, is the kindness and resourcefulness of our people. Excellent service will be provided not only when you are here but also before your arrival assuring good planning and a seamless traveling. There are many travel agencies willing to organize your trip so that you can optimize your schedule and also get some spare time to see around.

A Leap Forward Into the Future

If otherwise you’re looking for a promising business, Colombia has also become one of the most interesting places to invest and do business. With a growing economy but yet lots of projects to be developed, our country is open to new opportunities to globalize our offer.

In addition, we have institutions dedicated to facilitate the relationship between foreign investors and local suppliers; therefore you’ll find professional support from our government lowering the risks to the minimum.

When looking for investment or for a place to host your event, business meeting or conference, Colombia brings together a good infrastructure and a warm culture that provides great service. Being part of such a dynamic environment might be the opportunity you are looking for. Colombia is the answer.



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