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    Discover why Medellin is definitely worth visiting more than once

    With 22 gastronomical areas and six parks and libraries, more than 25 shopping malls, six gastronomical offer zones and more, ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ welcomes whenever you visit Colombia.

    Great reasons why you should visit Medellin

    This Colombian city was founded in 1675 (345 years ago), and it has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Discover 5 reasons why you should visit Medellin.

    1. Medellin weather is great

    First of all, Medellin weather is perfect. The temperature begins to drop at 1,000 m above sea level to an average of 22°C (71,6 °F)and for this reason it is known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’. Thanks to its locationbeautiful flowers bloom, hence why it is known by its Flower Festival and its stunning parks and gardens.

    2. Its innovative urban space

    Medellin has received several awards in recent years, making it an important destination for locals and visitors alike. In 2013 it was named ‘Innovative City of the Year’ by the Wall Street JournalThen, in 2015, it won the global award for entrepreneurial ventures in sustainable transportation, MobiPrize, in the category ‘State, city or nation 2015’thanks to its innovative transport projects that solve mobility problems. The metro is an example, the only metro in Colombia. Mobilizing more than 2 billion people a year. Another example is the Metrocable, aerial cabins connected to a cable that overflies several neighborhoods of the Northeast Medellin.

    Fernando Botero sculpture in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    The city also won the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2016, a biennal international award that honors outstanding achievements and contributions to the creation of livable, vibrant and sustainable urban communities around the world. Later, Medellin received an International Smart City award for its social, urban and cultural transformation by Unesco.

    3. The Flower Festival

    A local flower grower in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    This is the city’s biggest cultural event of the yearOver a week during the month of August, Medellin prepares to celebrate this part of the city’s identity. The heroes of this parade are the famous silleteros, local flower growers who carry flower arrangements on their backs, a kind of shield covered with flowers of all kinds that compose landscapes, portraits, drawings, and beautiful messages, among others.

    During the Flowers Fair there are several activities to enjoy, such as the flower growers route, the silleteros parade, the orchids, birds and flowers exhibition, the National Festival of The Trova (the festival seeks to honor this beautiful tradition, declared as artistic, social and cultural heritage of Medellin), the parade of classic cars, among other activities.

    4. Lovely people in every corner

    Medellin is not only a beautiful city, but also a perfect place to meet very friendly people. Paisasas the folks from Medellin and Antioquia are knownare famously welcomingThey will always give you a smile and ask you is everything is fine, if you need some help or if you need something, making you feel at home everywhere you go.

    This city is home of Colombian artists as J BalvinMaluma and Juanesalso for Fernando Botero, a renowned Colombian painter and sculptor

    5. A huge list of things to do in Medellin is waiting for you

    If you are planning to visit Colombiayou should definitely visit Medellin to enjoy its beautiful weather and amazing attractions. Give yourself the chance to experience the following things to do in Medellin.

    Explora Park

    Explora Park in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    First on our list, the Science and Technology Museum, with one of the biggest aquariums in South America and a PlanetariumIt has more than 300 interactive experiences spread across the park, as well as a vivarium.

    Plaza Botero

    Plaza Botero in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    A sprawling 7,500 square meters with 23 bronzes sculptures donated by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. This outdoor museum is located in front of the Museum of Antioquia and also surrounds the Uribe Palace of Culture, making it the epicenter of Medellin‘s art and culture.

    El Poblado Medellin

    This is a popular neighborhood, mostly known for its restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is great spot to enjoy the city’s nightlife, particularly the area around Parque Lleras, where you can try some of the best food and drink in Medellin.

    Comuna 13 Medellin

    With the Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour, you’ll get the opportunity to explore another side of Medellin and see how street art has given the neighborhood famous for culture and music a bright and colorful new look.

    Pueblito Paisa

    Pueblito Paisa in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    Located at the top of Cerro Nutibara (Nutibara Hill) lies a replica of a turn of the century town in Antioquia, with a church, museum and typical houses. You can enjoy the view and the typical dishes of the city.

    The Museum of Antioquia

    Museum of Antioquia in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    Inside its facilities a donation of art by world-renowned painter Fernando Botero can be foundalong with a collection of more than 5,000 pieces ranging from assets belonging to the archaeological heritage of the Nation to contemporary art.

    Ecotourism Arví Regional Park

    Arví Regional Park in Medellin | Colombia Country Brand

    This open park was declared a protected forest reserve since 1970. It offers tours, camping and picnic areas surrounded by nature, with fauna and flora of the surrounding fog forests welcoming you.

    Stunning towns

    Within an hour or two from the city, you can visit beautiful little towns like Guatape, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jardin, and many more. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend, it’s such a great way to visit Colombia and explore it.

    Conventional visiting places

    Among the most popular visiting places in the city is the Plaza Mayor, the biggest international conventions center in the country and the most modern in Latin America. It has 12,000 square meters of inner spaces for fairs and exhibitions with capacity for 8,000 people.

    Surrounding the convention center are the Palacio de Exposiciones de Medellin, the Teatro Metropolitano, the Parque de los Pies Descalzos and the Museo Interactivo EPM.

    Another site that just can’t be missed is the Pasaje Peatonal Carabobo, a passage showcasing the city’s architectural heritage and offering food and retail options.

    Why wait to visit Colombia and experience Medellin, its integrated urban and rural spaces, and its exceptional culture? Let’s fall in love with ‘The City of Eternal Spring’!

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