Los Katios National Park, a wildlife sanctuary

In Northern Colombia there is a Natural World Heritage site where Central and South America’s wildlife merge. Discover here the importance of this unique reserve!

Los Katios National Park is a wildlife sanctuary located just in the border between Colombia and Panamá. This Natural World Heritage site, between Central and South America, is a dense rainforest, isolated from human civilization, proper for conservation and exchange of species.  With an extension of 72.000 hectares, was declared a protected area in 1973.

Since the rainforest starts at the sea level and extends to the nearby hills, such as the Darien, Los Katios National Park contains a very particular and diverse set of environments. The cloud forest, the riparian forest and the floodable forest are some of the ecosystems that coexist in this small area of Colombia.

A wide variety of endemic species inhabit this territory being an important source of biodiversity for the whole planet. It has been calculated that 30% of the biodiversity of birds in Colombia resides in this land, besides some endangered species such as the Tapir, the Spectacled Bear, the Great Green Macaw and the Harlequin Frog. The flora is also diversified; threatened species, such as the “Catival”, extend along the park and are being protected.

Los Katios National Park is also an important source of water. The Atrato River, one of the most abundant and fastest flowing in the world, crosses the whole park creating a wide range of floodplains and swamps especially during rainy seasons. Furthermore, this wide and dense jungle is a natural carbon sink of great significance to the world keeping a cleaner atmosphere for all of us.

From the heart of the mountains, crystal waters emerge creating beautiful waterfalls and cascades. The most outstanding is the Tulipo, a 100-meter waterfall that besides its beauty, it’s considered sacred by the Kuna people, one of the indigenous tribes inhabiting this territory.

It is worth to know that Los Katios National Park is not designed for eco-tourism purposes, rather to protect nature. Be aware that you will need to be accompanied by a guide the whole time and that you will definitely experience nature as a whole. The easiest way to get there is by plane flying from Medellín to Turbo and then a road trip to the park.

Visit Los Katios National Park and experience an exceptional biological diversity; a unique place where species from Central and South America are being preserved.  This wild adventure is worth spreading through the world!

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