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    The Top 10 Essential Colombian Experiences

    Colombia is the country that has it all, from tropical rainforests and endless deserts to awesome volcanoes, laid-back Caribbean beaches […]

    Colombia is the country that has it all, from tropical rainforests and endless deserts to awesome volcanoes, laid-back Caribbean beaches and wild plains where our cowboys roam. It’s impossible to see it all… or is it? Here are our top 10 essential Colombian experiences, if you’re keen to try everything this country has to offer…


    1) Eat a big-butt ant

    Colombians are fond of their food and delighted to offer visitors dishes like bandeja paisa, ajiaco and posta negra. But if you want the ultimate Colombian eating experience, go for an hormiga culona, the toasted ant that’s a Santander speciality.

    big-butt ant, Colombian experiences

    Photo: Marcelo Träsel

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    2) Go fishing for piranhas 

    The Amazon is the world’s most famous river and there’s no better way to experience it’s allure than to go fishing for piranhas. Leticia is Colombia’s gateway to the Amazon and the best place to get your bait on.

    fishing piranha, piranha, Colombian experiences

    Photo: Wikimedia

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    3) Get lost in the desert

    You haven’t seen the stars until you’ve seen them from the desert. Try the fossil-rich Tatacoa desert, near Neiva or head north to La Guajira and say hello to the flamingos as you head into one of Colombia’s remotest corners.

    Tatacoa desert, Colombian Experiences

    Photo: Wikimedia

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    4) Dance ’til dawn  

    Colombians can move. Whether it’s salsa, merengue or bachata in the cities or regional favorites like joropo in the eastern plains and vallenato and cumbia on the Caribbean coast, you haven’t spent a night in Colombia until you’ve danced it all away.

    big-butt ant, piranha fishing, cheese, chocolate, animal, dance, mud, desert, reef, coffee, carnival

    Photo: Wikimedia

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    5) Dunk cheese in your chocolate

    Bogota is the “Athens of Latin America” and one of its intellectual hearts. And how do all those poets, writers and artists sustain themselves? They dunk cheese in their hot chocolate apparently. Try it and await the inspiration.

    Chocolate and cheese, dunk cheese in chocolate, Colombian experiences, essential Colombian experiences

    Photo: William Neuheisel

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    6) Bathe in mud

    Yep, you heard us. Strip down to your swimwear and take the plunge into the healing bliss of El Totumo, the legendary mud volcano close to Cartagena.

    mud volcano, Colombian experiences, essential Colombian experiences

    Photo: Wikimedia

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    7) See an animal you’ve never seen before

    Whether it’s sloths, parrots or pink dolphins; turtles, toucans or poison-dart frogs;  capybaras, pelicans or anacondas, Colombia is one of the world’s most mega-diverse countries. Get involved.

    pink dolphin, Colombian experiences, things to do in Colombia

    Photo: Flickr

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    8) Dive down to the reef

    If the animals above land don’t amaze you, the ones underwater will. Dive down to the reefs near San Andres and Providencia or head to Gorgona and Malpelo islands to be entranced by sharks, dolphins, turtles and whales. 

    Gorgona, Colombian experiences, diving in Colombia

    Photo: Wikimedia

    (You can also read: Colombia’s Oceans: the best view in South America)

    9) Visit a festival

    Get into the party spirit at celebrations including Barranquilla Carnival, Medellin Flower Festival, Valledupar’s vallenato extravaganza, Neiva’s Bambuco Festival or Pasto’s Black and White Carnival. And when you’re tired of partying, try Cartagena’s literary Hay Festival or Bogota’s ArtBo.

    Barranquilla Carnival, Colombian experiences, Things to do in Colombia, Colombia carnivals

    Photo: Michele Mariani

    (You can find the schedule of events here)

    10) Have a cup of coffee

    Easy. Head to a hacienda in the misty hills of Colombia’s much-loved Coffee Cultural Landscape, learn how the world’s finest beans are grown, wait for a fresh brew, let that intoxicating smell linger in the air… and sip.

    Colombian coffee, Things to do in Colombia, Colombian experiences

    Photo: CIAT

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