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    Steps to Follow When Visiting Colombia for Health Procedures

    If you are looking for the best experience in health tourism, Colombia has a great combination of top institutions, professionals, service and an enjoyable environment.

    Traveling to Colombia for health purposes is increasingly common given that foreigners and Colombians living abroad acknowledge that Colombian specialized medical centers and professionals are amongst the best in the world; not only in terms of infrastructure and high service standards, but also because of the welcoming environment.

    The most common procedures of health tourism in Colombia are dentistry, ophthalmology and plastic surgery disciplines, due to the fact that in North America and Europe the cost is considerably higher than in Colombia—about 7 times more expensive 

    Are you planning on visiting Colombia for health tourism?

    Planning this kind of trip requires a special preparation. To make your stay comfortable and even memorable despite the circumstances, we encourage you to consider the following advices:

    1. Search for expert recommendations about any arising doubts regarding health traveling. Make sure you have all the information about the best way to accomplish your health objectives. Prioritize your well being over price. Choose the best procedure at hand, best service/quality and check certifications of possible professionals and institutions.

    2. Determine the city where you’d like to travel according to the procedure and your tourism preferences. Every destination has a different offer.

    3. Check the list of institutions that provide the service you’re requiring. You can find this information in Proexport’s website or in, a specialized website in health tourism where you will also find information on how to plan your trip.

    4. In case you’re having plastic surgery, make sure the professional you choose is part of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.  You may also check their website for testimonies and recommendations.

    5. If your procedure is rather a complex surgery, we suggest you make sure that the hotel you’re choosing for your recovery has some experience in health tourism, due to the fact that you will require special infrastructure and aseptic conditions.

    6. It’s important to get informed about how long it will take for full recovery  before you plan your trip back home.

    7. To make the most out of your stay we suggest that you make some research beforehand, so that you have the opportunity to discover amazing touristic sites with your loved ones while your recover from your procedure.

    Keep in mind that if you wish to have further information about the medical institution or the professional who could suit your needs, you can find great advice at By getting first-hand advice you will have a trustworthy health tourism experience in our country.

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    Steps to Follow When Visiting Colombia for Health Procedures

    If you are looking for the best experience in health tourism, Colombia has a great combination of top institutions, professionals,...

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