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    In Tourism, the answer is Cartagena

    Its wide cultural, historical and eventful offer makes Cartagena one of the star cities in the Latin American touristic sector.

    Located right by the side of the Caribbean Sea and founded in 1533, ‘La Heroica’ has a great deal of touristic attractions that blend family, cultural and business atmospheres. Such characteristics have made Cartagena on of the most sought destinations in the region.

    Traveling to Cartagena is to get acquainted with places like San Felipe de Barajas Castle, San Pedro Claver Church, Plaza de la Aduana, Palacio de la Inquisicion, Museo Naval and the historic downtown, whose cultural importance was acknowledged in 1984 when UNESCO declared it Historical and Cultural Patrimony of the World.

    On top of its historical riches, Cartagena offers a large-scale hotel infrastructure that features resorts, boutique hotels, apart-hotels and diverse options for all types of tourism.

    Likewise, thanks to its advances in the development of convention centers, Cartagena places eight in the Latin-American ICAA (International Congress and Convention Association) ranking that awards cities with the most volume of hosted events every year. Such events bring thousands of tourists that get struck and captivated by the city’s business and cultural offer.

    In 2012, Cartagena tallied a total of 44 mega events amongst which the Summit of the Americas stood out, the most important international event to take place in the country.

    In 2013 the city host events like the International Festival of Music, the Summerland Cartagena 2013, the International Cinema Festival, the Hay Festival, the Successful Meeting Caribbean and Islands and the commercial action event Routes Americas.

    Because of cities like Cartagena, in tourism The Answer is Colombia.

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