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    20 Amazing Pictures of Colombia That Will Take Your Breath Away

    Take a look at 20 of the 100 award winning pictures that reflect the richness and vastness of Colombia’s hydric resources.

    With a camera under their arms and the mission to capture Colombia’s hydric resources, dozens of photographers traveled the country to unveil some of the most amazing landscapes of the country.

    100 of these photographs were awarded in the 2013 edition of the annual contest “Revela Colombia”, held by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Tourism Promotion Fund, Fontur under the theme: “Tourism and water: protecting our common future”. The pictures are collected in this year’s book edition.

    If you want to know more about the 2014 edition of “Revela Colombia”, click here.


    1.Mouth of the Inírida river
    2.Capybaras in Casanare
    3.Night at Lagoon Encano (Nariño)
    4.Mompox (banks of the Magdalena River)
    5.Mulales river (San Agustín)
    6.Water wall of The Cave of Splendor
    7.Whale (Nuquí – Chocó)
    8.Malaga Bay (Buenaventura)
    9.Matraca lagoon (Guainía)
    10.Natural National Park (El Cocuy – Boyacá)
    11.Tota lake
    12.Dantayaco Canyon (Mocoa)
    13.Azufral lagoon (Tuquerres – Nariño)
    14.Nevado del Ruíz
    15.Tequendama falls (Soacha – Cundinamarca)
    16.Yahuarcaca lakes (Amazonas)
    17.Providencia island (Archipiélago de San Andrés)
    18.Tarapoto lake (Puerto Nariño – Amazonas)
    19.Hondita bay (La guajira)
    20.Stream of Jirijirimo (Vaupés)

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