Enjoy a cup of organic tea with Colombian origin

Colombia offers a renewed natural experience and a different choice of coffee: organic tea and natural blended flavors with Colombian origin.

Colombian coffee is possibly the most traditional beverage in the country. Foreigners from around the world come to Colombia to get involved in the softness, taste, and quality of the coffee. However, due to a natural and wellness trendy lifestyle, people are moving towards more organic alternatives. Colombia is prepared to surprise everyone with a millennial beverage that brings a new tasting experience: organic tea blended with Colombian origin products.

The tea bags, usually bitter and reduced in quality, stayed behind. Nowadays, organic tea consumption has become a trend in Colombia,making it a pleasant and renewing experience. You have the opportunity to visit different tea rooms and find yourself in a millennial scenario: a great environment with music and lots of tea.

In Colombia, there is something that gives a unique flavor to this experience: the Colombian organic products.That way, people can drink pure and natural tea or choose a blended experience.

It means that fruits like papaya, papayuela, blackberries, strawberries, cocoa; herbs like basil, lavender, marigold, moringa, flower of Jamaica, and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, anise and cloves, between many other Colombian products, are mixed with different types of tea like white, green, yellow, blue, red or black. As a result, magic happens! Then you can enjoy an incredibly flavorful experience when you drink a blended tea from this magic world.


Where to find the best teas for an afternoon time?

Making tea is an excellent ability of tea blenders, the experts in the world of tea flavors. Other than discovering Colombia through its flavors, you can also find the best tea houses to have a delicious cup of organic tea

Bogotá, the place where organic tea trend started in Colombia


Discover more than 80 botanic blends in the ‘Taller de té’

‘Taller de té’, an organic tea room in Colombia | Colombia Country Brand

Taller de té in Bogotá, Colombia.

This tea house gathers the knowledge of Laura Cahnspeyer about tea properties and Colombian organic plants to bring a real tasting experience that also takes care of the wellness of customers.

Firstly, the products used in Taller de té, like coca leaves from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, the guayusa, pipilongo, and some aromatic herbs from Cundinamarca, the turmeric from Putumayo and fruits from Tolima, as many others, are cultivated by small Colombian farmers.

That way, here you can find more than 80 botanic blends for a good living, and they all belong to different Munay worlds according to a purpose: activate, strengthen, harmonize, purify, concentrate or relax. Moreover, you can also find ancestral teas that aren’t mixed, plus other organic teas (green and black) produced by Bitaco’s company in Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

On the other hand, you can find different chai and non-tea organic infusions, elaborated with herbs, dehydrated fruits, or some roses from Colombian lands. All this belongs to the magic Munay world, ‘the energy of life that moves everybody.’

Taste the magic of organic tea flavors and blends at ‘de/té/en/té’

Its name is a word game that recreates a harmonious place to know more about the tea world. Through a long tea bar, the owner, Ximena Garcia, wants to show her customers the magic of organic tea flavors and blends, and how they can enjoy a real tea tasting experience. Therefore, after being in Europe, she discovered that tea represents a meeting point for people, and that’s what she brought to Colombia.

‘de/té/en/té’, an organic tea room in Colombia | Colombia Country Brand

De/té/en/té, a tea room in Bogotá, Colombia.

Actually, at this tea room you’ll find a tea tender that will teach you about teas, the production process, and its favors. Also, you can find places to meet with friends, family, or partners and have a conversation. It is a place to relax and take time to have an organic tea experience because teas are prepared at the time and personalized according to your preferences.

Here you can find more than 60 organic tea references (including Bitaco’s Colombian organic tea), which can be delighted pure or blended with herbs, flowers, or fruit skins from organic markets in Colombia. Also, you can find organic infusions and kombuchas, cold fermented teas that are flavored with herbs and flowers, and have had outstanding approval between customers.

‘de/té/en/té’ offers cold fermented organic tea in Colombia | Colombia Country Brand

Kombucha, a cold fermented organic tea.

Finally, in Bogotá, you can find other places to get closer to this millennial experience with organic tea: Templo Té, ArtTé, The tea house, and Infinitea.

Medellín: let yourself get caught by its organic tea delight


‘Namaste’, the organic tea house

Consciousness, wellbeing, happiness. This is what the tea room promotes.

As a result, here you can find that all their products are designed to have an incredible experience around the tea that also makes you feel healthy. In that way, you can drink different types of organic tea with herbal blends, taking advantage of nature’s benefits.

Thus, in their portfolio you will taste different tea flavors to reach serenity, balance, energy, and peace. Also, you can find combinations of herbs, flowers, and species of the best quality, selected by an expert tea sommelier, that creates perfect blends to your senses and wellness. Here you can get relaxed, surrounded by a zen decoration.

Go shopping at the ‘Tea market’

This tea house teaches you about the different types of teas so you can choose the best one that fits according to your preferences. Here you can find blends, for example, green tea, gooseberry, and coca leaves or black tea with dehydrated coconut and pink pepper. All these creations come from two brothers, both experts from tea. 

Cali, an organic tea that triggers your palate


Find the history of the different types of teas at ‘Telogy’

In Cali, you can have a similar experience with this tea room, a place to get delighted with its more than 100 tea varieties and blends from many parts of the world. Because of that, you will be guided by an expert so you can make the best tea choice. The place looks like a kind treehouse, very rustic and cozy to have a non-common experience.

After that, you already know another alternative to Colombian coffee to enjoy your visit to this country. Organic teas blended with #TheBestOfColombia products will make your stay a real flavor experience. 

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