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    Four places to visit in Colombia made famous in songs

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    Charly Boillot
    Famous Colombian singers and their international counterparts have been inspired to sing about the best places to visit in Colombia. Learn about four places for tourism in Colombia and discover why world-renowned artists fell in love with them.

    Colombian singers and some of the biggest names in music overseas have immortalized Colombian destinations by singing about them in their songs. Not only is their music heard across Colombia, but their lyrics have encouraged millions more to visit too.

    From the best beaches in Tayrona to the cultural delights of the lively city of Medellin, here we offer an insight into these artists’ inspirations and encourage you to add their Colombia-inspired tunes to your playlist. You’ll learn a little more about Barranquilla, Medellin and Tayrona National Natural Park in the process.

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    Discover the best places famous in songs to visit in Colombia

    There are hundreds of places in Colombia that you should discover, but today we will give you a special tour of those places that you probably heard in songs, let’s begin!

    ● Song: La Bicicleta

    ● Artist: Carlos Vives y Shakira

    ● Place: Tayrona National Natural Park

    Colombian artists, Shakira and Carlos Vives, celebrated Tayrona Park by mentioning it in their hit song ‘La Bicicleta’, ‘The Bicycle’ in English. The Tayrona Park, 34km from Santa Marta, is home to the world’s highest coastal mountain range, a paradisiacal place with white sandy beaches, thick forests and mangroves, along with a spellbinding array of rare and biodiverse species. No wonder it inspired Shakira and Carlos Vives to sing about it.

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    There are plenty of things to do in Tayrona Natural National Park. Why not treat yourself and go hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling, diving and more? So, if your

    plan is to enjoy natural scenarios, do not forget to visit the Tayrona National Natural Park.

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    ● Song: Medellín

    ● Artist: Maluma Ft. Madonna

    ● Place: Medellín

    Maluma, one of Colombia’s biggest artist, was born in Medellin, which is why he wanted to immortalize his city in a song. The capital of Antioquia is full of tourism, commercial and cultural things to do. Art lovers must visit the Museum of Antioquia and Botero Square to admire the work of Fernando Botero that will captivate you completely, as well as another large number of exhibitions from great artists.

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    Medellin sits on the outskirts of Colombia’s coffee district, which makes it ideal for enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. It’s location also makes it ideal for visiting the colorful town of Guatape and the famous El Peñol rock.

    ● Song: Hips don’t lie

    ● Artist: Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean

    ● Place: Barranquilla

    Fabulous architecture, joy-filled people, glorious beaches and stunning surroundings. Why wouldn’t you visit Barranquilla? A trip to the Colombian Caribbean is an unforgettable experience, especially during the Barranquilla Carnival. Don’t miss the Caribbean Cultural Park and Julio Florez’s house, where you can learn more about this poet.

    Enjoy everything Barranquilla has to offer

    ● Song: La Fantastica

    ● Artist: Carlos Vives

    ● Place: Cartagena

    Cartagena is a hip and happening city for all the family, the ideal Colombian tourism destination. Its stunning colonial architecture, the magic and mystery of its walled city, its literary past, the good nature of its inhabitants and the waves of the Caribbean Sea on its shores, are all reasons why you’ll enjoy the vacation of a lifetime here.

    Did you know UNESCO has declared that Cartagena must be preserved as Cultural Heritage of Humanity? Make the most of your trip to the city by enjoying snorkeling and diving in its waters, as well as paying a visit to the city’s Gold Museum and Clocktower and taking a boat to the Rosario islands. You’ll meet the famous palenqueras, ready to offer you tropical fruit you never knew existed, which is all part of the joy of tourism in Colombia.

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    So, with all that said, what are you waiting for to plan your next vacations to Colombia?


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