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    Fashion quiz: Discover your ideal Colombian designer based on your style.

    Eyes are set on Colombian designers. More and more fashion lovers across the globe are aware of the work and talent of Colombian designers such as Silvia Tcherassi, Haider Ackermann and Esteban Cortazar.

    Colombians are designing clothes, jewelry, and accessories to suit all tastes, so take our style quiz and discover which talented Colombian designer is right for you, based on your taste in fashion.


    Question 1:


    What are you looking for in your everyday clothes?


    1. Femininity and elegance
    2. Comfort
    3. Exclusivity
    4. Standing out


    Question 2:


    What is the one essential garment in your wardrobe?


    1. A fresh and elegant dress
    2. A blazer that looks great with jeans or pants
    3. Something striking, artistic and unique
    4. A one-tone garment you can wear with everything


    Question 3:


    What’s your favourite accessory?


    1. A woven bag with a fringe
    2. A belt with a buckle
    3. Ballerina pumps and flats
    4. A striking, elegant handbag


    Question 4:


    Which colours dominate your wardrobe?


    1. Warm, earthy tones such as yellow and brown.
    2. Basic colours that you can combine with contrasting details.
    3. Everything, except the pastel shades.
    4. Striking colours such as red, yellow, green and orange.


    Question 5:


    Where do you go shopping?


    1. a) Luxury malls
    2. b) Websites like Net-à-Porter and Moda Operandi
    3. c) Small, independent boutiques
    4. d) Your favourite designers’ websites


    Question 6:


    Your favourite prints are:


    1. Floral prints
    2. You prefer garments in a single colour.
    3. Any! Stripes, flowers, single colours, the lot.
    4. Animal prints


    Question 7:


    Which basic garment always complements what you’re wearing?


    1. A printed shirt with baggy and oversized sleeves
    2. Pants with an asymmetric design
    3. Black pants
    4. Plain white shirt


    Question 8:


    How important are fashion trends for you?


    1. You are only interested in some designers
    2. They are your fashion bible
    3. You follow them by checking out what celebrities are wearing
    4. You’re inspired by them, but you put your personal touch.


    Question 9:


    If you won a gift card to buy the outfit of your dreams, what would you buy?


    1. A long dress with a floral print, ruffles, a charm bracelet and a pair of sandals
    2. Designer trousers, a long cardigan with a tight belt and a pair of boots.
    3. A striking dress with a jacket draped over the top
    4. Brightly-colored clothes with animal skin textures


    Question 10:


    Who’s your fashion icon?


    1. Olivia Palermo
    2. Victoria Beckham
    3. Rihanna
    4. Carrie Bradshaw





    Mostly a:

    Johanna Ortiz’s designs radiate sensuality and elegance and are the perfect fit for you, bringing a touch of fun to your feminine style. Her clothes with prints inspired by Colombian flowers, and her classic designer blouses, should definitely be the next addition to your wardrobe.

    Mostly b:

    You have a chic style inspired by celebrities and style icons, but you bring your own, unique touch to your choices, which makes them stand out. Consider the on-trend, urban style of Haider Ackerman. Ackermann’s elegant style is characterized by asymmetrical cuts and a feminine, modern and comfortable look, which is perfect for you.


    Mostly c:

    You have an avant-garde style with some eclectic touches, and you love to dress in unique clothes that put you one step ahead of the trends. Esteban Cortazar’s designs are ideal for your wardrobe. This Colombian designer is inspired by Latin music and creates luxurious, cosmopolitan clothes.

    Mostly d:

    Accessories are the secret to your personal style, which means the handbags and leather goods at the heart of Adriana Castro’s range will suit you perfectly. Her style is all about bright colors and leather textures, which offer that touch of charm and originality that’s key to your look.

    Colombian designers’ talent and dedication to their brands has allowed them to transcend the catwalks, and dress fashion lovers across the world. Johanna Ortiz, Adriana Castro, Esteban Cortazar and Haider Ackermann are just some of the creatives bringing the best of Colombian design to the world stage. Click here to find out about other Colombians making their mark across the globe.



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