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    Culture and diversity in the Amazon

    Leticia, nature capital of Colombia, is located in the world’s largest jungle: The Amazon. 

    Leticia is very special. It lies along the edge of the Amazon River, and it shares borders with Brazil, and Peru. This makes it an important commercial, communication, and cultural exchange center.

    It is the home of ancient indigenous groups such as the Huitoto, and the Nukak, whose cultures can be found at the Amazon Man Ethnography Museum. The museum has the country’s most complete collection and it hosts conferences, workshops and round tables.

    The city offers all kinds of plans like a visit to the Banco de la República Library, the serpent house, the Zoo Park, and Tabatinga, a town that borders Brazil.

    Click here to learn more about Leticia’s cultural options.

    The Pirarucú, the region’s largest fresh water scaled fish, and the ingredient to delicious recipes, is not just praised for its flavor. The Golden Pirarucú Music Festival began in 1987, and it brings together Brazil’s, Peru’s and Colombia’s culture and traditions.

    The Amazon: the lung of the world

    The Amacayacu National Park is just an hour away from Leticia. There, the sky seems covered by enormous trees that one can climb, or quietly canoe along the Amazon River.

    It covers 450 hectares of jungle that house 5,000 animals such as monkeys, reptiles, and birds. In Monkey Island one can enjoy walks, canoeing, and interact with the local biodiversity.

    There are indigenous groups in the Amazon that charm with their traditions and ancestral knowledge. One of the best experiences in the region is the opportunity to have a spiritual and cultural exchange with the inhabitants.

    Learn more about Leticia and discover why when it comes to cultural and ethnical diversity, the answer is Colombia

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