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    Colombia’s Top Five Souvenirs

    Nothing beats an amazing vacation, which is why it’s always a good idea to bring home a piece of your new favorite country to remind you of all the fun you’ve had.

    Colombia is filled with opportunities to shop and will have you itching to buy souvenirs from every region you visit. Here are a few suggestions to help you preserve those all-important memories:

    1.    Coffee 

    Come home from Colombia without our world famous coffee and you’ll face the disappointment of your family and friends. Nothing evokes a happy memory quite like a special scent and no matter where you live, a cup of our coffee will always bring you back to Colombia. Besides our beans, from regions as diverse as Quindio, La Guajira, Meta, Tolima and Boyaca, Colombia is full of coffee-inspired gifts, from chocolate-covered coffee beans and coffee-flavored chocolate to cuddly coffee-carrying donkeys and hand-painted espresso cups.

    Café colombiano

    Photo: CIAT

    2.    Mochila 

    Our hand-woven mochilas, or shoulder bags, come in every color you can imagine. Most well-known are the Wayuu mochilas, made by indigenous tribes in La Guajira, on the north-west coast and the Arhuaca mochilas, made by the Arhuaco people in the Sierra Nevada. The Wayuu mochilas are the most colorful and take more than a month to weave. The Arhuaca mochilas come in earthier tones and are usually decorated with revered indigenous animals, including frogs, snakes and vultures.

    Wayuu People Mochilas

    Photo: Wikipedia

    3.    Hammock

    Lie back, relax and remember Colombia. You might not have our tropical weather back at home, but you may find room for one of our hammocks. Comfort is a serious business in Colombia. The country’s most famous hammocks are the Wayuu chinchorros, which can take up to four months to weave by hand, depending on the size and detail. They easily sleep two people. There are plenty of smaller, less elaborate hammocks on the market too.

    Wayuu Hammock

    Photo: Wikipedia

    4.    Art

    Colombia is an artistic country and you will find art to suit all tastes and budgets, from paintings sold in the streets in our towns and cities, to the works on display in galleries and at ArtBo, Bogota’s annual art fair. Fernando Botero is the country’s most famous artist and prints of his works are sold countrywide. Other popular art items include hand-made silver filigree jewelry from the colonial town of Mompos and artisan vases and masks from the department of Nariño.

    Fernando Botero Colombia Medellin

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    5.    Hat

    Go home with a hat from Colombia and it will be your secret clue as to which region you loved the most. A sombrero vueltiao, or “turned hat” says you’re a fan of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. This hat originated with the Zenu people and is now the region’s most famous symbol. Wear a sombrero aguadeño, on the other hand and everyone will know it was the coffee region that captured your heart. Other famous Colombian hats include the woven Wayuu hat, the Arhuaco tutosoma and the cowboy hats from the plains.

    Sombrero vueltiao

    Photo: salymfayad

    When it comes to souvenirs that will evoke your vacation memories, the answer is Colombia. If you liked this article, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of your social networks.

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