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    Colombian artists helping the world go football crazy

    Colombia is a football-crazy nation and when our legions of fans are not cheering on the national team, or playing […]

    Colombia is a football-crazy nation and when our legions of fans are not cheering on the national team, or playing the sport themselves, you’ll find many of them scoring a few virtual goals with EA Sports’ FIFA video game. And as every fan knows, ever since virtual FIFA was launched in 1993, music has had a huge part to play in its success. Here are some of the Colombian artists giving the game its kick.

    Bomba Estéreo: Soy Yo – Fuego

    Bomba Estéreo are one of Colombia’s best-loved bands and they’re no strangers to the  world of FIFA either. Their hit Soy Yo from their latest album, Amanecer, is featured in FIFA16, alongside artists including Beck, Foals, Disclosure and Icona PopFuego – the band’s biggest hit to date – was included in FIFA10. And they’re a popular choice. This five-piece have seen their style described as everything from “psychedelic cumbia” to “electro tropical” and have toured across the world, including sets at Coachella Festival in California and Vive Latino in Mexico City. (You may also enjoy: Colombian artists to watch)

    ChocQuibTown: Uh la la – El Bombo

    ChocQuibTown have leant their beat to the world’s football boots too. The Latin Grammy award-winning hip hop group saw Uh la la featured in FIFA15 last year, alongside artists including The Ting Tings, Fatboy Slim and Kasabian. It was the only track featured that was sung entirely in Spanish and came from their third album, Eso Es Lo Que Hay, which they recorded in 2012.

    The trio, from Choco, also featured in FIFA11, with their hit El Bombo. ChocQuibTown comprises Gloria “Goyo” Martinez, Carlos “Tostao” Valencia and Miguel “Slow” Martinez and they have won several awards, including a Latin Grammy for De Donde Vengo Yo in 2011.

    Cabas: La Cadena de Oro

    Andrés Mauricio Cabas Rosales, known as Cabas, is another Latin Grammy-award winning Colombian artist who is much-loved in Colombia. The 38-year-old, from Barranquilla, writes and sings songs with a strong Caribbean flavor and has had a string of hits, performing alongside stars including Lenny Kravitz and Shakira. La Cadena de Oro (The Gold Chain) achieved major success in Latin America, which is why it made it onto the soundtrack of one the earlier versions of the FIFA game, FIFA07, in the company of artists including Keane and Paul Oakenfold. (You may also enjoy: Songbirds: Colombia’s rising songwriting stars)

    Aterciopelados: Paces

    The following year Aterciopelados kept the flag flying for Colombia when their hit Paces was included on the soundtrack of FIFA08. The band, who formed in Bogota in 1992, were one of the first Colombian rock bands to make it onto the international stage and have won three Latin Grammys. A collaboration between vocalist/guitarist Andrea Echeverri and bassist Hector Buitrago, the band has a strong social conscience and has supported numerous Colombian causes including environmental projects, displacement and reparations. (You may also enjoy: Why is Bogotá’s Rock al Parque such a huge success)

    Music to make your heart sing? The answer is Colombia. If you liked this article please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of your social networks.

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