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    artBO, Colombia’s most important art fair, is back

    Since its first edition in 2005, artBO has attracted thousands of people

    Bogotá’s International Art Fair – artBO is an important yearly artistic event in which local and foreign exhibitions come together in an academic, touristic, didactic, and business oriented environment.

    The event has an inclusive format meant to suit all ages and tastes. Therefore, there are academic circles dedicated to cultural and artistic discussions; galleries for those who want to enjoy new artistic proposals; and a business environment that promotes new local talents.

    The fair was first held in 2005. Since them it has attracted over 115.000 people, and, according to the organizing committee, has shown some 9.000 pieces from 2.900 artists. 159 national and international galleries have participated in the event, as well as 500 foreign collectors. The 2012 edition saw a soaring 20.000 attendees who enjoyed about 2.000 pieces from 400 artists.

    The 2013 edition wants more

    The ninth edition of Colombia’s most important art fair will bring 65 galleries from 20 countries (nine more galleries, and six more countries than the eighth edition). They will delight Bogotá with the best of national and international art between October 25th and 28th.

    ArtBO’s 13.000 square meters between Corferia’s Pavilions 11 and 13 will have two curated areas (Individual Projects, and Artecámara), as well as three alternative areas (Acedemic Forum, Cultural Meeting Pavilion, and Children’s Pavilion). They will be set for different audiences, and different purposes. This is the first time the fair will host 26 galleries. 

    Learn more about artBO and discover why Colombia is art and talent.

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