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    A limited edition whisky inspired by Colombian art

    A Blue Label limited edition whiskey handmade by Colombian people | Colombia Country Brand
    Colombian art is truly inspiring, and Johnnie Walker, the world´s No. 1 scotch whisky, #BlueLabel, has created a limited edition bottle handmade by Colombian artists.

    More than 800 limited edition whisky bottles inspired in Colombia

    Johnnie Walker has created a Limited Edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle. The blend of rarest whiskies of different ages and from different distilleries has inspired in Colombia and its water sources to create AGUAS DE VIDA.

    With the curatorship of Artesanías de Colombia, the Colombian entity that works for the benefit of local artisans and is focused on the promotion of Colombian handcrafts around the world, they have created a limited edition whisky with traditional Colombian techniques.

    Around 50 Colombian artists have been working on three designs of bottles using different local techniques, each reflecting our nature and cultural richness. They’ve been inspired in Lake Guatavita, located at the northeast of Bogotá, the town of Guatapé, located on the shores of the Embalse Guatapé, Medellín, in northwest Colombia, and La Puerta de Oro, the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Barranquilla.

    Traditional art that honors Colombia’s water wealth

    Under the name #AguasDeVida (waters of life), this Second Colombian Limited Edition whiskey is a tribute to the water resources of the country, designs created by the hands of Colombian artisans from Nariño and Putumayo.

    #AguasDeVida is a celebration of what is unique and requires mastery to become a legend, as Colombian art is

    Are you wondering what they look like? It’s a pleasure to present each one to you as well as the Colombian artisans’ technique behind this amazing work!

    Guatavita edition, the origin of a legend

    A limited edition whisky inspired by Guatavita lake and Colombian art | Colombia Country Brand

    The sacred lake of Guatavita, near Bogotá, was the site of the Legend of El Dorado, where the Indigenous communities worshipped the goddess of water with golden figures. Well, this splendid scenery inspired 860 unique bottles created by a group of Colombian handcraft artisans located in Pasto, Nariño.

    Using a Colombian art technique called “mopa mopa plated”, a transparent resin from trees of the genus Elaeagia, which grows in mountainous regions of southwest Colombia, an amazing design is creating featuring some of the golden figures from El Dorado. Six artisan workshops from Nariño created this limited edition whiskey.

    A limited edition whiskey handmade by Colombian artists from Pasto | Colombia Country Brand

    Guatapé edition, a reborning town

    A limited edition whiskey inspired by the town of Guatapé and Colombian art | Colombia Country Brand

    Guatapé is one of the most colorful towns of Colombia, located 79 kilometers away from Medellín. It enjoys a pretty great view thanks to El Peñol, a big rock that borders a lake and visitors can climb, which inspired 150 unique bottles created by a group of Colombian artists from Pasto, Nariño, as well.

    This Colombian art piece was made with a technique of “tamo de trigo” which involves painstakingly plaiting and transforming wheat stems into this beautiful work.

    A limited edition whiskey handmade by Colombian artists from Pasto | Colombia Country Brand

    The Atlantic Ocean edition, the sun door of Colombia

    A limited edition whiskey inspired by the town of Guatapé and Colombian art | Colombia Country Brand

    Barranquilla, located near the Caribbean Sea, serves as a port for river and maritime transportation with Colombia and is home to one of the most important fairs and festivals of Colombia, the Carnival of Barranquilla. This was the inspiration for 110 unique bottles created by a group of 18 Colombian artists from Valle de Sibundoy, Putumayo.

    This stunning piece of art was made with chaquiras, a glass bead traditional handmade technique, by Inga and Kamentsá indigenous communities from Colombia.

    A limited edition whiskey handmade by Indigenous Colombian people | Colombia Country Brand

    Where will this limited edition whiskey be displayed?

    At first, all of these handcrafts will be displayed in Colombian cities such as Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla. Afterward, there’s an interest to auction, sell and export all of this Colombian art to Germany, France, US and the UK.

    Get to know #TheBestOfColombia with #AguasDeVida, handcrafts that share a legendary story wherever they go!

    Excessive alcohol is harmful to health. The sale of alcoholic beverages to minors is prohibited. Johnnie Walker Blue Label 40% Alcoholic Volume.

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