Medellín in 48 Hours

Medellín, the City of the Eternal Spring | Colombia Country Brand
There are many things to do in Medellín. Its weather, its adjoining villages, its people's warm and its nightlife make it an unmissable destination.

Are you looking for things to do in Medellín? This itinerary proposed by the Viajala team will allow you to fully enjoy your 48-hour stay in the City of the Eternal Spring.

Day 1

Medellín, Fernando Botero, Botero's sculptures | Colombia Country Brand

If this is your first time in Medellín, a great way to start your trip is by visiting Plaza Botero.

Located in the center of the city, La Plaza is the outdoor public square that exhibits 23 sculptures, donated to Medellín by master artist Fernando Botero. Take the metro to the Parque Berrio station, which is right next to La Plaza.

Medellín Metro | Colombia Country Brand

The famous Antioquia Museum and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture are located in the same location. Both spaces are dedicated to art and culture and offer diverse programming for all visitors.

After visiting the museums, spend the afternoon in the beautiful Parque Arví, located in rural Santa Elena in the outskirts of Medellin.

Medellín Metrocable | Colombia Country Brand

To get there, take the metro to the Acevedo station and transfer to the Metrocable. When you arrive at the last stop, transfer to another cable car that goes directly to the park.

Enjoy the landscape seen from above. Once in the park, you can choose between visiting the square—where you can find regional products while resting and enjoying the peaceful surroundings—or taking one of the guided tours through the forest and trails.

To end your first day, check out the Poblado neighborhood’s nightlife and enjoy one of Medellín’s best party spots. Visitors are sure to find entertainment that aligns with their tastes due to the wide variety of bars and clubs.

Day 2

Start the second day of your trip by climbing one of the city’s seven surrounding hills: El Picacho, Pan de Azúcar, El Salvador, La Asomadera, Santo Domingo, El Volador, or El Nutibara. The latter is the most popular of all, as it is an almost exact replica of a traditional Antioquia town.

To get there, take the Metro to the Exhibitions station and ask for directions to the path up the hill.

No matter which one you decide to visit, enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Aburrá Valley.

Medellín, Panoramic view of Medellín | Colombia Country Brand

Then, spend the afternoon in the northern part of the city. Take the metro to the University station. There you will find the Botanical Garden, Parque de los Deseos, Medellín Planetarium, and the Parque Explora, all a few steps away.

If you have enough time, you can visit them all. Otherwise, we suggest Parque Explora, a place that makes science into a fun interactive experience for both children and adults. Additionally, its spectacular aquarium is a must.

Medellín, Parque Explora | Colombia Country Brand

Finally, we suggest you take the famous Graffitour. During your visit to Medellín’s Comuna 13 neighborhood, you will get to see firsthand the entire transformation process that this area has experienced over time.

This was a small sampling of things to do in Medellin over two days. However, the city offers endless activities that will make you want to extend your stay.

In addition, we recommend you visit one of its picturesque surrounding towns, such as Guatapé, Jardín, or Santa Fe de Antioquia. You can also visit a silletera flower farm in Santa Elena, go to the El Castillo museum, tour the center on the Ayacucho tram, and spend an afternoon at Parques del Río.

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