Julio Sánchez Cristo: a radio legend

The well-known Colombian journalist and anchorman is celebrating a 40 year old career.

In addition to being the director of Colombian radio station W Radio, Julio Sánchez Cristo is known for his journalistic career which has made him a radio icon and one of the country’s most influential people.

Born in Bogotá, Sánchez Cristo has worked in several media outlets but only in radio did he find his home away from home. His career includes the creation and direction of shows such as Viva F.M., La F.M. and, currently, La W.

His experience has allowed him to interview personalities such as Barack Obama, Dania Londoño (an interview that got him the King of Spain Award), Nelson Mandela and Paul McCartney, to name a few.

His many professional triumphs have resulted in national and international awards that include:

  • Simón Bolívar Award to life achievements. This distinction has been awarded to Hernán Peláez and Enrique Santos Calderón. Sánchez got it in 2007 for his undeniable influence in Colombian journalism.
  • Ondas award. In 2012, both W Radio and Julio received the award to “Best Ibero-American Radio Show”.
  • King of Spain Award. He has received this award twice (in 1998 and 2013), which brings to light the importance of his journalistic efforts in Latin America and the world.

Sánchez Cristo’s career has made Colombia a world referent for radio, even though he claims “Colombian radio has been worldly since it was born”. His life clearly reflects what our fellow countrymen invest in to make dreams come true: dedication, effort and passion.

Learn more about Julio Sánchez Cristo and discover why when it comes to journalism and media, the answer is Colombia.

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