Colombia, cradle of great athletes

Colombia has witnessed the birth and growth of sports legends and has shared with them the best things the country has to offer to encourage them to succeed. Discover why Colombia is so special for its sports representatives!

The history of sports in Colombia

Boxing and baseball were the first sports of international fame and importance in the country thanks to athletes like Antonio Cervantes “Kid” Pambelé. In other matters, cycling took off and the history of “los escarabajos” began with the first “Vuelta a Colombia” in 1951. Meanwhile, in the 60’s, soccer began to captivate popular attention, and to this day, it has become a part of the national culture.

Colombia has had great moments in the history of sports. For example, in the London 2012 Olympic Games the country won 8 medals. In 2013 the first gold medal in a World Athletics Championships achieved by Caterine Ibargüen. The next year the admission of the Colombian National Soccer Team to the World Cup in Brazil 2014. Meanwhile the multiple achievements of the Colombian cyclists: Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán and Egan Bernal.

Famous athletes are born in Colombia

Regions such as Chocó, Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Cauca and Antioquia are the birthplace of 23 Colombian athletes. They have won 29 medals in the history of the Olympic Games. Diverse regions, with an exceptional cultural and natural richness where those people have been raised and today proudly wear the tricolor flag.

Thanks to the great variety of landscapes, mountains and thermal floors, Colombia is one of the best countries to practice different kinds of sports.Its natural scenery allows athletes not only to have a demanding training plan, but also to enjoy the training, because Colombia is a sports paradise.

What do Colombian athletes emphasize about the country?

  • The variety of towns and cities, which are located between valleys and extensive plains, is something that Colombian cyclists appreciate about training in the country.
  • Training at an altitude of 2,500 meters at 22 degrees is something exceptional that only happens in Colombia.
  • Nairo Quintana devotes a portion of his training in the mountains of Boyacá, before facing the cycling season. For instance, the Alto del Sote is an impressive altitude, which, according to him, allows him to take the European mountains in a more skilled manner.
  • Some Colombian sports leaders drink aguapanela to achieve better performance and physical endurance, but also because it acts as a natural hydrator and energizer.
  • Colombia has no seasons and therefore fruits and vegetables are available all year round. As a result, our athletes can enjoy fruits such as pineapple and bananas that are part of their daily diet.

Colombia, a country in which athletes deliver an outstanding commitment that unites in joy and history. That is why we are going to Tokyo to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, united by a single nation, Colombia.

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