Colombian jewelry, find the best gift for Valentine’s Day

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Handmade jewelry in Colombia has become more popular in recent years, discover some of the best brands and the inspiration behind them.

Unique jewelry, a heritage from ancient indigenous cultures

The history of Colombian jewelry is a big part of the cultural identity of our country, as can be seen in The Gold Museum in Bogota. This institution’s purpose involves the conservation and exhibition of pieces of goldsmith and pottery from indigenous cultures of the pre-Columbian period.

With more than two thousand years of development, the inheritance of the Quimbaya, Calima, and Tayrona cultures among others represent the importance of Colombian goldsmithing. Some of the techniques to produce ancient Colombian Jewelry involved hammering, lost wax casting, and filigree.

The knowledge and tradition that have survived over the centuries has led to the development of several unique jewelry brands that mix these pre-Columbian styles, techniques and inspiration to produce outstanding high-quality pieces that sell worldwide.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and jewelry being one of the most beloved gifts, we would like to recommend some Colombian jewelry brands, as their treasures are the best couple gifts ideas for this special occasion.

1. LaSierra, Colombian jewelry that celebrates multicultural heritage


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After more than 10 years working on her first jewelry brand, Maria Isabel Cardona, the founder and Creative Director of LaSierra Jewelry, decided it was time to strike for something bigger and bolder. Thus, the brand was born, producing pieces that are designed and handcrafted by master artisans. Their unique combination of textures and colors are the result of creative techniques used in the crafting process.

A lot of the inspiration used to create these pieces is taken right from nature, in its organic shapes with a unique flair for mixing geometric silhouettes, delicate elements and a versatile color palette. Their unique handmade jewelry aims to be worn by an authentic free-spirited woman with a high sensibility for art. Without a doubt a piece of this brand is one of the best gifts when celebrating a feminine and self-confident woman.

LaSierra is a Colombian jewelry brand that celebrates multicultural heritage, something reflected on each piece where the past meets the present through a mix of ideas, intuition, and creativity at the hands of master Colombian goldsmiths.

2. Mercedes Salazar, innovative materials and ancient artisan practices


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When Mercedes was a child, she used to create her own treasures with clay, glass, wool and wood. Today, she has over 20 years of experience representing Colombian roots through handmade jewelry. This accessories and jewelry brand sells products that tell stories, carry a message, and support the work of the Colombian artisans who are masters of their craft to create unique colorful pieces.

Thanks to her “family” of more than 50 collaborators who work in her “home” La Casa de Mercedes (Mercede’s House), the workshop in Bogotá, Colombia where magic becomes reality, her products have reached more than 19 markets in America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia, and have even been worn by Katy Perry!

A lot of Mercedes’ inspiration comes from Colombia, specifically our biodiversity and the carnivals, fairs, and festivals among the places to visit in Colombia. Her statement-earrings are the perfect fun piece to wear. Some of her most famous collection pieces are her earrings shaped like Colombian birds and flowers. Her charms are also some of the best couple gift ideas to make for a special and Happy San Valentine’s day.

3. Santa Crux, knitting stories through filigree

This Colombian Jewelry brand is an artisanal heritage from Mompós (or Mompóx), representing Colombian fauna and flora in geometric structures combined with filigree ornamental filling. Each jewel recreates the colonial and indigenous roots with contemporary and youthful touches where the septum, piercing, earcuffs, and earrings turn into avant-garde pieces with a touch of elegance.

The purpose of Diana Quintero, the founder and creative designer behind the brand, is to integrate the ancestral value of craftsmanship into a personalized, symbolic and luxurious product. The brand is clearly inspired by the biodiversity of the country with statement pieces that depict the Jaguar and flamingo worked with high detail and precision.

The purpose behind these small sculptures is to deliver a little piece of Colombia in every corner of the world. The beautiful filigree pieces have been featured in famous fashion magazines like Vogue and Bazaar, in Thailand where the septum is a popular piercing.

Their unique jewelry pieces are another great idea for gifts this Valentine’s day.

4. A tribute to indigenous and artisan communities in Latin America: Bamboleira


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Bamboleira is a Colombian jewelry and accessories brand founded in 2015. It was founded by Natalia Sánchez, an industrial engineer, who decided to create authentic pieces that honor the legacy of indigenous artisan communities in Latin America.

Driven by her creativity and supporting local talent, she found that indigenous manufacturing embodies the heart of Colombian culture, and unique ancestral techniques could be represented in handmade jewelry, especially within the Wounaan Nonan Naan, a community from the Colombian Pacific region.

Using an ancestral technique born in the middle of Colombia’s Pacific jungle (where the raw material for making handicrafts is found), the Wounaan Nonan Naan community extract the fiber from the palm, which is the base to make vases, trays and vessels with figures that alluded to situations of daily life, images of the past, beliefs or elements of nature. Today, thanks to the alignment of visions between the community and the concept of the brand, they use these fibers to create unique jewelry.

More than 20 mothers, the head of household, are in charge of giving life to Bamboleira’s creations. Each piece is made with the finest threads, obtained from the werregue palm and painted by hand with the colors that characterize the brand. So behind each product, are countless hours of work that reflect their talent and dedication.

Take this Colombian jewelry brand into account when thinking of the best gifts to give someone for a happy San Valentine’s day.

5. Paula Mendoza, the modernity of the pre-Columbian era


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Nature’s wealth, what symbolizes the balance between cause and effect, beauty, and indigenous Colombian identity are all elements that have been ever-present in Paula Mendoza’s designs since she created her brand in 2003. Years of dedication to master the craft through continuous work with local artisans has allowed her to preserve pre-Columbian history through unique jewelry pieces. Her artwork has been worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

She is also co-founder of Looking for the Masters initiative, a project that works with artisans and indigenous communities to preserve the ancient Colombian goldsmith craft. Her expertise in Colombian jewelry has led her to recently be included as part of Forbes’s creatives 2020.

Her collections are created with an innovative and careful combination of natural elements and precious metals, achieving designs that have acquired great recognition and prestige. Some of them have even been featured in the worldwide cosmetics brand Maybeline’s campaign.

The production of these handmade jewelry pieces is carried out by local jewelers in a workshop located in the traditional La Candelaria sector in downtown Bogotá.

Consider this jewelry brand when selecting the perfect gift this Valentine’s day.

Discover Colombia through the beautiful work of these brands and designers, and keep their innovative view on pre-Columbian goldsmith in mind as you search for the perfect present to complement a Happy San Valentine’s day.

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