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    5 Colombian designers, international trendsetters

    100% Colombian fashion design has won over runways and red carpets with talented designers like Esteban Cortázar, who has dressed celebrities such as Beyoncé. Meet five of the most prominent designers.

    Colombia has become a fashion hub for Latin America thanks to talented Colombian designers, such as Silvia Tcherassi and Hernán Zajar, who are setting fashion trends.

    With their collections, they take part of Colombia’s creativity and flavor to the most important catwalks in the world and dress celebrities such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez. The colors, textures, designs, and fabrics boasting the traditional style of indigenous cultures fill the world with a unique and original style that sets fashion trends globally.

    Find out about the 5 most globally influential haute-couture Colombian designers.


    Silvia Tcherassi

    She ventured into fashion design in 1990 with her company Altamoda and has since then launched bold and colorful collections that have been showcased in major industry platforms, such as the Milan, New York, and Paris fashion weeks.

    Numerous superstars have worn her designs, filling Colombians with great pride, including Valeria Mazza, Claudia Schiffer, Shakira, and Gloria Estefan, who have highlighted their beauty with perfectly-tailored garments.


    Amelia Toro

    She studied fashion design at the Rhode Island School in New York. Her collections are known for the use of traditional Colombian indigenous fabrics and colors; some of the most prominent ones being the Wayúu fabrics, with shapes, colors, and designs that reference Colombian animals and nature.

    Her designs are sold successfully in Mexico, United States, Chile, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, and Panama.


    Hernán Zajar

    His avant-garde designs are characterized by mixing colors and using materials and techniques from his native city of Mompox, such as filigree in his garments and accessories. This Colombian municipality stands out for its well-preserved colonial architecture, color, and traditions.

    Zajar has dressed National Beauty Contest candidates and celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ivanka Trump, Claudia Schiffer, and Joan Collins.


    Haider Ackermann

    This Colombian-French fashion designer stands out among his peers for his urban style, with asymmetrical cuts, and a combination of fabrics made of various materials to create feminine and sophisticated silhouettes.

    Considered by many as “the prince of fashion,” Haider Ackerman has dressed prominent show business celebrities, such as Tilda Swinton, Victoria Beckham, Penélope Cruz, and Janet Jackson. His style reflects a more minimalist side that, even while using less color, expresses Colombians joy, flavor, and identity.


    Esteban Cortázar

    This Bogotá-born designer, who became the creative director of the Emanuel Ungaro fashion house, has caught the attention of fashion greats such as Anna Wintour, Vogue editor. He also collaborated with the Colette design store in France for the Colombia-France.

    At present, Cortázar dresses celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Madonna, and Beyoncé.

    With their work, creativity, and thanks to their roots, these Colombian designers fill the world of fashion in Colombia and the world with color, textures, and flavor. Their creations contribute to turning this industry into one of the most promising and important one in Colombia.

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