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    12 Reasons why Sports make Colombians Extremely Proud

    Colombia has always managed to excel in several sports, especially in the last few years. Get to know 12 reasons why sports make us proud!

    Besides an exciting Soccer World Cup, which left us full of joy and hope, it is heartwarming to remember that Colombia has excelled in several other sports

    Let’s proudly raise our flag together and celebrate these victories:

    1. We are worldwide recognized in roller-skating. Our professional skaters have brought back home 15 international titles in several disciplines.

    2. We have worldwide champions in different cycling disciplines such as tour cycling, track cycling, mountain biking and BMX, as Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán and Mariana Pajón.

    3. We have hosted important world games where we have also excelled in our performance: Central-America and Caribbean Games (2006), Copa America 2012 y Copa America 2020 and the World Games (2013).

    4. We managed to scale up in the FIFA ranking, moving from the 36th position to the 5th in just a year, and a month later we ranked in 4th place.

    5. We are a World Power in sports! Our Government has decided to increase investment in this field, strengthening as well other fields such as education, recreation and development all around Colombia.

    6. Córdoba, with Inter de Milan, and Guarín, James (Real Madrid, Monaco) and Falcao (Monaco, Atlético de Madrid) with Porto, have created history in International Soccer Championships.

    7. We have been Baseball champions twice (1947 and 1965) and now we export our talent: Edgar Rentería and Jhonatan Solano are some of our best representatives in this sport.

    8. We account with world champions in athletics, that have excelled in the San Silvestre Race, Panamerican Games, World Championships of Athletics and—most recently—the Olympic Games.

    9. We have also been competitive in the Paralympics. Sports such as athletics and swimming have resulted in medals during the games.

    10. We have the unattainable title for scoring an Olympic Goal in a world championship (Marcos Coll, Chile 62). 50 years later, this great achievement hasn’t been accomplished by any other player.

    11. The first world champion in high jumps is the Colombian Orlando Duque, who managed to win this title during the 2013 World Swimming Competition held in Barcelona.

    12. This year our talented national under-20 football team won the world cup in Hockey.


    Find out more about the succes of our athletes and celebrate with passion being colombian as much as you celebrate their wins.

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    12 Reasons why Sports make Colombians Extremely Proud

    Colombia has always managed to excel in several sports, especially in the last few years. Get to know 12 reasons...
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