The richness of colombian fauna in figures

Its privileged geographical condition makes Colombia the third country in variety of live animal species and the first in birds and amphibians worldwide.

The diversity of ecosystems that our country host allow the presence of a great deal of animal species, both typical and migrant.

We occupy, for example, the first place in the number of birds with 1,876 registered species. This number represents 60% of species in South America and 1% of species worldwide.

Furthermore, we often position ourselves in first or second place in number of amphibian species, with more than 700 species. Of these, 350 species are endemic: they are found exclusively in our territory.

Regarding reptilians, we are considered the third country with the most species, with 520 registered species.

We are the fourth country with the most amount of mammals, with 456 reported species, and the fifth in amount of primates with 30 cataloged species.

Our country also harbors more than 3,000 species of butterflies and accounts for 1,200 marine species and approximately 1,600 fresh water species.

All these figures give us reason to say that in natural wealth, The Answer is Colombia.


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