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    Parque Tayrona, an option for all tastes

    The 15.000 hectares of Tayrona Natural National Park offer the visitor a paradise combination of nature, pre-Columbian history, adventure and relaxation.

    35 kilometers from the city of Santa Marta evidence of Tayrona indigenous culture is conserved and surrounded by a nature sanctuary that allows the enjoyment of a great number of activities.


    The ruins of ‘Pueblito’ (Small Town), located in the Tayrona Natural National Park are composed by the urban display of the Tayrona culture that inhabited this portion of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. To follow and walk its paths and terraces sets the visitor back in time, displaying the social, economical, political and religious systems of our ancestors.


    Cultural richness is complemented beautifully; Tayrona hosts a great amount of ecosystems, mangrove wetlands, coral, sea-grasses and kelp forests. The visitor can stumble upon more than 770 plant species, 300 bird species and 1000 marine species. The spotting of howler monkeys, birds and turtles is an important attractive feature of this natural park.


    Tayrona offers a great diversity of experiences for the visitor. Its stunning virgin beaches with blue seawaters enable resting, while other activities like hiking, horse riding and diving allow direct experimentation of our country’s amazing biodiversity. Likewise, the natural park offers camping on the beach possibilities, or the pleasure of experiencing other levels of ecotourism.

    Because of wonderful places like Parque Tayrona, in tourism, The Answer is Colombia.

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