Amazonia Region

The Amazonia Region comprehends 42% of the Colombian territory and is known as the “world’s lung” for its vast rain […]

The Amazonia Region comprehends 42% of the Colombian territory and is known as the “world’s lung” for its vast rain forest territory. It is home to the largest variety of fresh water fish in the planet and to a variety of exotic mammals like the Amazon river’s pink dolphin, the manatee, the jaguar, the puma, the giant otter, the peccary, the tapir, the capybara, the sloth and diverse primates. The river turtle and the biggest caimans in the globe are also found there.

The Amazonia Region is crossed by the longest river in the world and one of the most beautiful and representative plant specie blossoms: the Victoria Amazonica. a floating plant that reaches 3 to 5 meters in diameter and that can withstand almost 40 kg of weight.

In the Colombian amazon lies the Amacayacu Natural Park, full of floodable forests, swamps, bogs, woodlands and characteristic river systems of the region.

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