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    Colombia is one of the 17 megadiverse countries of the world

    The Megadiverse Countries was consolidated in order to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biologic diversity. Eight American nations, […]

    The Megadiverse Countries was consolidated in order to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biologic diversity. Eight American nations, five Asian and four African nations conform the group, which house around 70% of world biodiversity.

    The majority of the Megadiverse countries are located in the tropics. This factor explains their richness in fauna and flora, ecosystems and habitats.

    Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, China, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa are the 17 members of the block.

    The group attends international forums in joint fashion and has established its objectives according to Agenda 21, the United Nations Millennium Declaration, the adopted agreement during the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
    Mega diversity in Colombia

    Of 70% of the biodiversity attributed to the Group of Mega diverse Countries, 10% is attributed to Colombia.

    68,7% of our surface is covered by natural ecosystems and we are the first nation in the world in number of amphibian and bird species.

    Colombia hosts 41 natural parks, 11 fauna and flora sanctuaries, 2 national natural reserves and 5 biosphere reserves all over its five regions.

    The sum of all these factors is behind us being considered the second country with the most biodiversity per square kilometer and an environmental powerhouse with privileged conditions.

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