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    Enjoy your weekend in Bogota experiencing the ciclovia

    Bogota is an exciting city to explore via bicycle. The capital city of Colombia comes in 12th place amongst the 20 most fascinating cycling cities from across the globe. This is according to the latest rankings found in the Copenhagenize Index.

    How will you enjoy your weekend riding bicycle in Bogota?

    Not only does Colombia have the ideal geographical conditions for an amazing bike route, but well known Colombian cyclists such as Nairo Quintana and Egan Bernal also make the country one of the best world destinations for cycling. Bogota is one of Colombia’s best examples. With more than 540 kilometers of bike lanes and is considered the city with the most open streets to ride a bicycle in Latin America.

    Ciclovia bike lanes in Bogota - Enjoy your weekend cycling in Bogota | Colombia Country Brand

    Ciclovia bike lanes in Bogota.

    Its bicycle infrastructure and feeling of safety, the cycling culture, bike share and urban planning make it the leader of riding bicycle initiatives in South America. Also, it has become world-famous for popularizing the ciclovia. Have you ever heard about this healthy lifestyle activity? We will show you how to enjoy your weekend during your vacation here.

    What does ciclovia means?

    Ciclovia is one of the favorite weekend plans for citizens, and will probably become yours, too, when you arrive. Every Sunday morning and on holidays, over a hundred kilometers of the city streets are closed to cars, and open for riding bicycle, walking or running. From 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., hundreds of people go cycling along the ciclovia open streets.

    With a total of 16 bike routes in Bogota, you have many options to enjoy your weekend cycling, and at the same time visit different places of interest. We have already analyzed different routes, to help you plan a special bike route in Bogota, ideally to become part of your next weekend plans in Colombia!

    A cycling route suggestion to enjoy your weekend at the capital city

    Before you start, it is so important for us to give you some advice: it’s entirely up to you to choose the route to go cycling through the ciclovia and your favorite plans. We suggest you to maintain a slow enough speed so that you may enjoy what the city has to offer.

    Also, allow yourself some time to stop at the fascinating places to go on a Sunday. Let’s get started!

    Things to do in Bogota to enjoy your weekend near to the ciclovia

    It doesn’t matter where your bike route starting point is, wherever you are or wherever you want to go cycling to enjoy your weekend in the capital city is an easy choice when you consider that. Most of the bike routes are interconnected, as you can see.

    The question is what your favorite things to do on a Sunday are to help you enjoy your weekend? Maybe a Sunday brunch, visit a park, visit a museum, go shopping or just travel around the city. Whatever it is that you’re into, Bogota is waiting to be discovered by you.

    Places to go in the north bike route of the ciclovia

    Enjoy your weekend at Julio Mario Santo Domingo Public Library - Enjoy your weekend in the north bike route of the ciclovia | Colombia Country Brand

    Julio Mario Santo Domingo Public Library in Bogota, Colombia.

    The beginning of this bike route is the Boyaca Avenue. It is located near one of the largest libraries of the city: the Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Then, travel down through 116 street, until 7th Avenue. You will find yourself wondering, “is this a heritage town between the capital city” welcome to Usaquén!

    This is “Bogota’s little town”, the first locality of the capital city. Its colonial style architecture will transport you to another period of Colombia’s history. If you want to find things to do on a Sunday to enjoy your weekend in Usaquén, you must visit the “Mercado de las Pulgas” at the main Usaquén open streets.

    It is one of the best places to go for shopping handicrafts, eating dessert, and to enjoy the ambience with the performance of bands and street dancers. Additionally, you could enjoy a Sunday brunch, at one of the many restaurants and markets such as the Boho Food Market which offers a variety of cuisines and a space to shop for Colombian designs.

    More places to go in the north bike route of the ciclovia

    Take your bike again and go cycling down through 7th Avenue, heading south. Arriving to 93 Street you will see a vast hacienda known as the El Chico Museum Park. This amazing 18th-century house displays a collection of historic objects and decorative art, and a picnic-perfect park for any Sunday morning.

    After this visit, you have two choices: cycling to Virrey Park or heading down to 93 Park. These are two emblematic places to go and enjoy your weekend in Bogota because of their special restaurants, walking nature areas, and of course bike lanes across the park. El Virrey Park is well known by a food festival called Alimentarte, that takes place in June.

    Places to go in the center bike route of the ciclovia

    Inevitably, you could take the center path for riding bicycle in the city. If you’re an art-lover, you will enjoy cycling through this corner of Bogota. Add a stop at the National Museum at 28 Street to encounter one of the oldest museums in America.

    National Museum in Bogota - Enjoy your weekend visiting the National Museum in Bogota | Colombia Country Brand

    National Museum in Bogota

    Afterwards, enjoy your weekend cycling and head towards Park Way in the traditional neighborhood of La Soledad. It’s the ultimate plan for a bicycle day, or just for taking a break before continuing along the bike route. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to find classic bakeries, coffee shops, bars and more.

    Get the feeling that the city belongs to you by cycling through the Bogota’s Sunday streets, and celebrate bicycle day with us every Sunday and holidays while you discover #TheBestOfColombia.

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