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    The natural treasures of the Caribbean Region

    Discover some stunning places that are hidden in the Caribbean Region; a zone that welcomes you with beautiful landscapes and an incredible biodiversity.

    Warm weather and spectacular beaches characterize the Caribbean Region. The majority of its territory is flat, but it holds the highest coastal range in the world: the Snow Capped Sierra of Santa Marta. In its shores lies the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta Sanctuary (the Big Swamp of Santa Marta Sanctuary), composed of mangrove woods, rivers, spouts and swamps. This zone is of great importance for migrating birds from North America that find their refuge in it.

    It is also home for the Los Colorados Sanctuary, a place where plant formations that comprehend tropical dry forest as well as rain forest, gallery forest and lowlands are found, and for the Los Flamencos Sanctuary where it is possible to witness tall and slender birds with pink plumage and, on occasions, sea turtles.

    In addition to these sanctuaries, the Parque Natural Isla de Salamanca, the Parque Natural Makuira, the Parque Natural Old Providence, the Parque Natural del Tayrona and the Parque Natural Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo; many of which contain very important marine ecosystems.

    Find here more information on natural parks of the Caribbean Region and its flora and fauna species.

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