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    All about Colombia: its magic ingredient through Colombia Lessons

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    Know all about Colombia, one of the world’s most diverse countries, with a vibrant culture and stunning natural wealth.

    Now Colombians and those keen to learn more about the country will uncover the secret to Colombia’s ‘yo-no-sé-qué’ the magic ingredient that makes the country so unique. From learning to dance like a Colombian to appreciating rare handicrafts, Colombia Lessons are the key.

    Colombia is a diverse and fascinating country that combines culture, history and customs in a stunning kaleidoscope of color, sound and joy. The country’s irresistible dance steps, awe-inspiring natural scenery and fondness for fun and festivities are just some of the factors behind its much-celebrated style.

    But what is Colombia’s yo-no-sé-qué, the magic ingredient that makes it unique?foreigners with Colombian indigenous communities, the most welcoming country in the world

    This sense of what makes Colombia special, the reason why Colombians are so proud of their country and so many visitors fall in love with it, is impossible to define but now, for the first time, it is something you can learn.

    Colombians and potential visitors are uncovering Colombia’s secrets and experiencing its yo-no-sé-qué with new Colombia Lessons.

    Whether you want to dance like a Colombian or you’re a Colombian keen to be the best ambassador for your country, Colombia Lessons has something for everyone and there’s no better time to join in the fun.

    Dance Colombia

    Champeta, salsa, vallenato and reggaeton Colombia’s best-loved dance steps may intimidate most people at first glance but, thanks to Colombia Lessons, they are no longer a mystery.

    This project was developed with the support of Choco to Dance, an online academy that exchanges education for education. They teach you  how dance in exchange for a donation destined to support a limited resources Colombian youth in order to study a postgraduate degree. We did it also with the help of the restaurant El Bembé , a piece of Cuba in the center of Bogotá where salsa lovers meet, Boogaloo, Chacha and Mambo.

    Reggaeton, Champeta, Salsa, rumba colombiana, fiesta, the most welcoming country in the world

    Colombia for Foreigners

    Every year thousands of visitors, from countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Canada, China, India, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States, fall in love with Colombia and decide to make it their home. We are the most welcoming country in the world.

    With Colombia Lessons, you can discover Colombia’s yo-no-se-qué, the magic ingredient that makes the country irresistible for these adopted Colombians and learn top tips from your countryman to ensure you make the most out of your stay.

    Products with Colombian flair: Made in Colombia

    colombian products, the most welcoming country in the world

    Colombia Lessons are also sharing the secrets behind Colombian craftsmanship with Made in Colombia, which will reveal the artistry that goes into some products made in Colombia.

    Colombian products are a synonym of diversity, quality, creativity, history, design, and luxury.

    Behind each one of them, multiple stories are hidden: one that talks about those who are dedicated to the actual crops of these products that are making us famous in the world; another one related to the artisans that, with dedication, embody the traditions of indigenous communities in objects; and finally, that one talking about those Colombian companies that manufacture export products including in each one of them, a piece of Colombia in the homes all around the world.

    If it’s of your attention to know the process involved behind the making of nail polish, a luxury carpet, a Disney character, or an animated series, you definitely can’t miss “Made in Colombia”, a space dedicated to explaining how Colombian products are made.

    Colombia lessons are for Colombians tooColombian cacao chocolat, the most welcoming country in the world

    Almost fifty million Colombians live in Colombia and they are the country’s best ambassadors, both at home and abroad, encouraging everyone they meet to travel their homeland and discover what makes Colombia unique.

    From Colombian coffee, flowers and fruit to chocolate, handicrafts and rare tropical birds, Colombia has plenty to extol. Colombians are the first to help visitors understand and appreciate these national symbols, and where they can experience them.

    Colombia Lessons offers all Colombians the chance to turn their enthusiasm into expertise and become a true Colombianologo–knowledgeable about every product and industry that represents Colombia on the global stage.

    Sign up for Colombia Lessons today and discover what makes Colombia unique. Whether you’re Colombian or keen to know more about the country, Colombia Lessons are the key to Colombia’s elusive yo-no-sé-qué.

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